Pirate Playground Celebrates the Christmas Season with Thanks

6 Dec

Christmas stars and snowflakes

We enter this season with joy,  happiness, and accomplishment!   Thanks to all who have helped, we will start construction on Pirate Playground this month as Myers Tractor Services will prepare the location of Pirate Playground for construction. 

 Many thanks to our friends who have worked tirelessly over the past couple of months to make this possible.  Gillette and Associates has worked extremely hard on our design to make it perfect.  Buchannan Builders has been working to coordinate a fantastic build.  Manzie and Drake Land Surveyors has worked and will be working on surveying the land so that the playground build is smooth.  Cotner and Associates has coordinated a impressive volunteer effort for Pirate Playground with the help of Donna Lynne Custom Homes, Arthur Rutenberg Homes, Property Management Systems, Inc., and Bank of America who have all donated labor for element construction.   P-5 Productions has made beautiful new pennants for our Dream Pole along Atlantic Avenue.  The Fernandina Beach City Government has been wonderful in their support for this project.  Finally, without the support of the City of Fernandina Beach Recreation Department, this project would not happen. They have been fantastic and we’re proud to call them partners in this endeavor. 

We also thank those who support this project monetarily.  Many in our community have decided to become “Dreamers.”  You can see their pennants on the “Dream” Pole located in front of the Atlantic Avenue Rec Center.  This past month has been our biggest month to date with donations from FPUC ($6,000) and the Fernandina Foundation ($10,000).  These commitments are extremely important to our success,  but even donations of $1 are important as every dollar raised is used toward playground construction.  Many thanks to all of you who have given to this project.  Because of you,  we are very close to our goal and everyone will soon have a place to play together.

Please feel free to contact us anytime for information regarding this project.  We are in need of volunteers, donations, in-kind donations, labor, etc.   There are many opportunities for you to take part and make a huge difference in the lives of many in our community. 

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