Our Story

8 Flags Playscapes, Inc. is a non-profit grass-roots community organization dedicated to building places where playing is fun for everyone.  We’re organized and operating as tax-exempt, eligible to receive charitable donations.

Originally organized by Aaron Morgan, a young father of two from Fernandina Beach, Florida, we started out in 2009 as an affiliate of the Freedom Playground organization.  Aaron gathered a cadre of individuals who banded together to create the area’s first community accessible playground. 

Freedom Playground, Inc., was founded by Stefani Beddingfield (formerly Busansky) of Tampa, Florida.  Stefani was a mentor to our group for three years, but she decided to dissolve the Freedom Playground non-profit corporation.  In the meantime, our local group organized its own non-profit corporation, 8 Flags Playscapes, Inc., to continue our work.  To learn more about our group’s history and continuing work, read the articles below.

After completing our Pirate Playground project in May 2014, we desired to continue to enhance our community by creating additional recreational spaces that are universally accessible.  On March 17, 2015, we presented our new vision to the Fernandina Beach City Commission:  Egans Creek Park Expansion.  After two years of hard work, the Egans Creek Park Expansion Phase 1 was opened to the public.  Phase 2 of Egans Creek Park, which included a dome play structure for children and teens, was added in 2018.

Now, in 2019, we’re embarking on another project to create a park on Simmons Road, adjacent to the new bike path.  We hope you’re as excited as we are to take off on this adventure!  

                                               logo - Simmons (3)

8 Flags Playscapes Strikes Again – Amelia Islander, July 2015

Accessible Playground is Really Cool! – FB NewsLeader

A Place to Play for All – FB NewsLeader

Amelia Islander, August 2012

(See Article on Page 29 – FAIR PLAY)



Trey Warren, President

Benjamin Morrison, Vice President

Sharyl Wood, Treasurer

Aaron Morgan, Founder, Board Member

Lynn Tennille, Board Member

Corporation Certification

Copies of financial documents, including Federal Income Tax Returns, are available upon request.

Conflict of Interest Policy

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